Haiti Partnership

St. Mark’s and St. Andre — Over Twenty Years Together

The Latest from Canon Serena

Long-time St. Mark’s member Canon Serena Evans Beeks, D.Min., is US Coordinator for Haiti Episcopal School Partnerships. Over the past 20 years, whenever political conditions allowed, she has traveled to Haiti, sometimes several times a year. Read her latest posting below about the country, the people, and our paternership with St. Andre in Trinon.

News from Haiti

Dear Haiti Friends, I know you're tired of hearing from me this week!  One more thing: I've just received news from a friend about yet another very sad kidnapping of a family member in Haiti. I want to remind everyone, please, please, if this happens to friends...

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Thank you

Many thanks to all of you who have continued to support our partnership with St Andre Episcopal Church and School, Trianon, Haiti.  The Episcopal Diocese of Haiti is the second-largest educator of children in the country, behind the Roman Catholics who are first...

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Calendar and Chocolate

I know for a lot of you it's a very busy time with the beginning of a new school year, so as a reminder, I'm resending the Haiti school year calendar with classes scheduled to begin September 11.  If you provide regular support to your partner school during these...

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Les Grenadieres and other news

Dear Haiti Friends, Various Haiti news items: Kenya has indicated to the UN that it is prepared to send in 1,000 police to bolster the Haitian police force.  The UN has proposed direct assistance but has until now been unable to find a country willing to take the...

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Calendar for the 2023-2024 academic year

The communication office of the Ministry of National Education unveiled in a press release the school calendar for the 2023-2024 academic year. The start of the new school year begins on September 11 and will end on June 28, 2024. In this new calendar, the MENFP has...

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Haiti Advocacy Event

HAWG Call to Action Part 1 When: Thursday, Jun 29, 2:00 PM Eastern Time Register in advance for this meeting: https://zoom.us/meeting/register/tJ0lfumrqTosH9DxXeA08BmmVpyoefF9vmLs Interested in speaking out more about Haiti but not sure how? The advancement of Haiti,...

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The partnership of St. Mark’s with St. Andre’s Episcopal Church and School in Trianon, Haiti began in 2001. That year, one and then two parishioners began making regular visits, taking with them the offering from the St. Mark’s School’s Christmas Eucharist.

The relationship grew until 2007, when St. Mark’s members were able to make our first group visit. Since then, groups from the church and school have visited annually when conditions in Haiti have permitted.

Students at St. Mark’s School took the lead on such projects as a new four-room classroom building, a water project, and new school uniforms. Support from St. Mark’s pays teachers’ salaries, covers the occasional hot meal, and provides for repairs on the water system—which was damaged in the hurricanes of 2008—and the replacement of the old classroom building, which was damaged in the earthquake of 2010.

St. Andre’s was the first church and school on Haiti’s central plateau established by Bishop James Theodore Holly when he founded the Episcopal Church in Haiti in the early 1860s. Since its founding, St. Andre’s has offered a primary school for the children of local subsistence farmers. In Haiti, only 50% of the children have access to any education at all.

Please pray for the people of St. Andre’s, especially the children. If you can, give your financial support.