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“Bridging St. Mark’s Past and Future”

Parish Hall 330 E. 16th Street, Upland

Join us on Sunday, February 26, after the 10 AM service, for “Bridging St. Mark’s Past and Future,” a congregational listening and learning forum, facilitated by Kaleidoscope Institute Associate Peter Bechtel. We ask for only 90 minutes of your time. Following enhanced hospitality offerings, we will gather at 11:45 AM in the Parish Hall, to be part of the dialogue as we remember St. Mark’s history—the accomplishments, challenges, and lessons. It will be important to have members present to represent all the decades of St. Mark’s history on this campus—that is 60 years since our buildings were constructed. Be there to tell us about your first or favorite decade so far. Then help us try to envision the St. Mark’s that will be in 2023 and into the future.

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