Three articles of interest from the most recent Haitian Times e-newspaper —

  1. Backup support from Canada:
  2. A large and robust “operation” from Haitian police since the New Year:
  3. Many of you with friends in Haiti are no doubt hearing from them about immigration and sponsorship.  I have such deeply mixed feelings — on the one hand, the new immigration program applies to people who already have a Haitian passport and friends or family in the US to sponsor them, creating a “brain drain” of folks who have the resources to fill out forms on-line, already have a network, and can see a possibility of skilled employment in the US.  On the other hand, if I were there with a family, I would be doing everything I could to get them to safety.  There is a non-profit which has been created to match up immigrants with sponsors.  For would-be immigrants, the website for applying is available to them on the 15th of each month.  See this article for more information: You may want to forward the link to Haitian friends looking for sponsorship for themselves or their family members.

So there are three things to hold onto as possible forward progress.  And there’s more —  Kids are still in school.  Mardi Gras celebrations have begun, a respite from the unrelenting troubles.  Nothing — not warfare, natural disaster, illness, or death itself can keep Haitians from celebrating Mardi Gras!  And many thanks to several of you who let me know you had purchased Valentine’s Day chocolate from Singing Rooster –that’s a little welcome relief for farmers in the northern mountains.  AND thanks so much to all the partners who are making sure that schools are staying open in these perilous times.  I am copied on some of your notes letting your partners know that a check or wire is on the way.  Believe me, what you are doing is VERY significant and helpful.