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June 20th, 2023      
One island. Two nations. Worlds apart?
Behind the rhetoric distancing Haiti and the Dominican Republic Haiti and the Dominican Republic share one island–Hispaniola–whose peoples, cultures and economies are intertwined. But the neighbors have also been politically at odds and downright antagonistic – resulting in armed battles, massacres and mistreatment. Today’s technology makes it that much easier to foment acrimony, igniting debates that threaten to shred what’s left of their symbiotic relationship. In a year-long series, The Haitian Times takes a look at the neighbors’ relationship from the perspectives of Haitians and Dominicans, including the history of conflicts and the impact of the burgeoning Haitian middle class transplanted there. Our series also explores what’s feasible to draw these neighbors closer and, at a minimum, drive the tension-fueled narratives into more meaningful territory.  
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Distant Neighbors Series  
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Migration politics reignite fears and animosity 200 years in the making.

Clicks, criticisms and confrontations on the island and online
10 incidents highlighting long standing feud between Haiti and the Dominican Republic

Beyond the feuds pitting Haitians and Dominicans against each other | Editorial
DR-Haiti conflicts overshadow deeper connections between Hispaniola’s neighbors

In the shadow of controversy: The workers behind the Dominican border wall
Tension swirls around the Haiti-Dominican Republic border wall and those erecting it

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