Singing Rooster is a non-profit that works with Haitian coffee and chocolate growers to bring their products to the U.S., and now they include some metal art to support the metal artisans as well. I’m not a coffee drinker, so I can’t tell you about that, but I can attest personally that their chocolate is super. Note that it’s all dark chocolate. That’s fine with me. Note also that you can do fundraisers for your organization with their coffee and chocolate. Your purchases support a bunch of Haitian farm workers, coffee roasters, chocolate processors, and their families. Although their letter below is “heavy hearted,” they are also committed to carrying on and have provided a variety of valentine gifts to tempt buyers. You can also go to their website for regular orders. The toffee is new, and good luck getting some before I corner the market. Feel free to share this information with people who don’t know anything about Haiti but like chocolate or coffee.