HAWG Call to Action Part 1

When: Thursday, Jun 29, 2:00 PM Eastern Time

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Interested in speaking out more about Haiti but not sure how? The advancement of Haiti, while predicated on functioning governance, safe and fair elections, and security, includes working on long-term economic development, the environment, health care access, education and more.

This special meeting, aimed at HAWG member organizations’ networks in the U.S., will explore just a few angles for advocacy that you can use to engage with your U.S. members of Congress that can be part of paving the way for sustainable progress in Haiti.

Topics to be explored for this session include:

1. Agriculture exports from Haiti

2. Continuing the Global Fragility Act implementation

3. Labor rights

4. The Haiti Criminal Collusion Transparency Act

Speakers include:

Amber Lynn Munger, AJWS

Kim Lamberty, Quixote Center

Jen Bognar, Solidarity Center

Alan Yarborough, Episcopal Church

Alan Yarborough

Church Relations Officer

Office of Government Relations

Staff of the Presiding Bishop