Dear Haiti Friends,

News trickles in about massive flooding in the southwest of Haiti.  A flash flood in Leogane has caused a great deal of destruction and loss of life. The following message is from the Medical Benevolence Fund which is a supporter of Hopital St Croix:

Extensive Storm Causes Massive Flash Flood in Léogâne Haiti

Hôpital St. Croix (Holy Cross Hospital) flooded with 4 – 6 feet of water

In the very early hours of Saturday morning, a gigantic storm in the mountains of western Haiti caused a massive flash flood. When a nearby river overflowed its banks, it engulfed the city of Léogâne and our partner Hôpital St. Croix (HSC). The entire city flooded, the waters reaching nearly 8 feet in some areas. Most residents barely had time to climb to their roofs for safety and most have lost all their possessions.

At HSC, emergency protocols were activated to protect and care for the patients: the night nursing staff evacuated the patients and the neonatal nursery to the hallways of the second floor of the hospital, which is typically used as a guest house for visiting doctors and teams.

All of the patient care areas, diagnostic services and administration offices located on the main floor of the hospital received 4 – 6 feet of water. The pharmacy, lab, OR, radiology, neonatal nursery, OB, and patient wards were flooded with mud, and most supplies and equipment are a total loss.

While many were killed in the flooding, no one on the staff of HSC was killed or injured. We praise God for this miracle.

There was extensive flooding in other parts of the southwest as well, followed by a 5.5 earthquake in Jeremie, one of the areas hit hard by the earthquake a few years ago. Unusually severe weather patterns are a disaster anywhere but particularly for our more vulnerable friends in Haiti.

With this terrible news, can there be any good news?  Maybe!  Courtesy of Cindy Corell, please see this announcement about US participation in a large number of initiatives in the Caribbean:

It’s a long and ambitious list.  If at least some of it can be accomplished, it will help matters.

Meanwhile, your prayers and support for Haiti are, as always, needed and appreciated.