Dear Haiti Friends,

I want to pass along a report on a successful effort from St. Marc, Trouin, courtesy of Russell Collins.  Trouin is not particularly near trade schools or a university, so years ago the partnership at St. Marc’s decided to use the school classrooms to offer afternoon classes in practical subjects such as cooking and sewing for students who had completed their secondary education but didn’t have opportunities to attend trade school or university.  The efforts have grown over the years, and I’m passing along the note and a picture of an electrical class being offered there currently, in the hope that it might provide an idea to many partners who worry about what happens to the students in their partner schools after graduation.  It’s also a way to interest new support from people who want to encourage progress in a particular field, solar power, for example.   It can start with a very small investment, one class at a time.  Russ also sent along pictures from the cooking class which are beautiful and made me VERY HUNGRY!