Dear Haiti Friends,

If you are in the following zip codes: 01002, 01003, 01007, 01035, 01038, 01039, 01053, 01054, 01060, 01062, 01063, 01072, 01075, 01096, 01375, you can have a soup supper to benefit a Haiti partnership delivered to your home February 10th! If you’re farther away, you’ll need to pick it up in Amherst, MA.  See below.

If you are a partner of Pere Alphonse in Mirebalais, please know that the address is no longer working.  He asks that if he has not been in touch recently, you please send him the contact information for your partnership, as it was stored on his old email.  His new email is  Also, he has a new helper for partnership visits whenever that blessed time arrives, Osse Etienne, email  If you want him to do something for you currently, such as going out and taking pictures at your school, PLEASE pay him well — jobs are scarce in all parts of Haiti at the moment, and prices are high.