Dear Haiti Friends,

I’d like to introduce another relatively new group doing good work in Haiti:  Cultural Capital Haiti, based in Jacmel, the “Arts Capital” of Haiti.  Their name uses “capital” in the sense of assets, some of the greatest assets of Haiti being the rich traditions of visual arts, music, dance, storytelling, and so on.  They seek out opportunities to support and enhance the work of grassroots groups with basically two aims:  helping people to tap into their uniquely Haitian cultural legacy and supporting opportunities and creating security for women and children.  You can check out their website at:

At the moment they are having a GoFundMe campaign (this one is tax-deductible) to bring young women interns from Port-au-Prince (highly dangerous) to the Jacmel area (much safer) for the summer to have hands-on experience with local economic development and business models.  Transporting them from Port-au-Prince is a challenge, and housing and feeding them is costly. 

You are all so generous — I know that in addition to the many partnerships on this e-mail list, there are many of you who support specific organizations dear to your heart — nurse training, farmers’ co-ops, and dozens of other worthy causes.  If you were wishing for a project supporting women’s issues and the arts, here you go!  The link is