I know for a lot of you it’s a very busy time with the beginning of a new school year, so as a reminder, I’m resending the Haiti school year calendar with classes scheduled to begin September 11.  If you provide regular support to your partner school during these difficult times, now is a very good time to send it!

On the theory that any product appearing in the U.S. with Haiti in its pedigree should be sampled and supported, I pursued information courtesy of Roger Bowen who was visiting Nashville, TN, and ordered Haitian chocolate from “Poppy & Peep,’ a local confectioner.  They have chocolate from around the world, but why eat anything else when you can eat Haitian chocolate?  The mailing is pricey (because they send the chocolate overnight with an ice pack) but if you happen to be in the area of Nashville, the Haitian chocolate bars are DEFINITELY delicious.

Poppy & Peep | Handcrafted Chocolates & Confections

Being naturally curious, I asked about the source of their chocolate and received the following information:  They go through Uncommon Cacao, a fair trade/transparent trade supplier of chocolate, located in the Netherlands (where they certainly know their chocolate) and Colorado.  Uncommon Cacao in its turn works with P.I.S.A. Haiti, which you can find out more about on the Uncommon Cacao website:


And the REALLY good news is that if you Google PISA Haiti, you will find many different chocolatiers using Haitian chocolate in various places around the world which you may choose to explore.  So support the Haitian chocolate farmers by shopping for and requesting only Haitian chocolate wherever you go! 

This will not replace in my heart the most delicious chocolate for the best deal, Singing Rooster.  It might be time to order some right now.  By the way, they will work with you on a fundraiser using their chocolate and coffee purchased at a bulk rate.  And their products make terrific Christmas presents.

2023-2024 School Calendar

The communication office of the Ministry of National Education unveiled in a press release the school calendar for the 2023-2024 academic year. The start of the new school year begins on September 11 and will end on June 28, 2024. In this new calendar, the MENFP has indicated the dates of the official exams.