I want to recommend this article by Alan Yarborough whose perspective on Haiti is always balanced, well-informed, and shaped by his experience living there as a very useful volunteer:


He also responded to a question about the best way to inform Congress about Haiti concerns, and this is an excerpt from his message:

What could be very helpful is to continue urging Congress…to continue supporting the inclusion of Haiti in the Global Fragility Act framework (those country plans should be out immanently… but I wonder how extensive the release will be). End of last Congress there was a bipartisan push, that failed, to restrict funding for GFA implementation from going to Haiti (and Liberia too), which was selected by the Biden Administration as a pilot country/region.

It seems like missing the point, to want to drop a country from the Global Fragility Act because it’s fragile.  If you are inclined to write to your legislator, I would join Alan in urging that Congress support Haiti’s inclusion in the Global Fragility Act.

Below my signature is a newsletter from For A Reason, a small non-profit which accompanies students in Haiti through their education, including professional or vocational school.  (Disclaimer:  I am on the board, so I am not unbiased.)  I am including it because this month’s featured VIP and friend in Haiti is someone known to many of you, Jean Jonas Benjamin, our helper at the Secom car rental desk, and I thought you might enjoy the picture!