You have probably heard about Haiti on the news:  Earthquakes, assassinations, hurricanes, refugees, poverty.  For people who love Haiti, it feels frustrating that the only news that’s ever shared about Haiti is bad news.  In this column, we’d like to share the good news — all of the things we love about Haiti and its proud history.  You may know a lot about Haiti already.  You may already know:

The country of Haiti was formed by the only successful slave revolt in history.  Enslaved people in Haiti overthrew their captors and fought for and won their own freedom. Haiti was the second Republic in the New World (1804), after the United States (1776). The author of The Three Musketeers, Alexandre Dumas, was born in France but was descended from a Haitian family. But there’s so much more to learn about Haiti. 

There’s a lot more Haitian history:

The Citadel, built to protect Haiti after independence.  Milot, near Cap Haitien

There’s delicious food to enjoy:

Soup Joumou, Haitian celebration soup!

Haitian painters create beautiful art:

I like to think there is a little cat in all of us.

The scenery is spectacular:

This beautiful beach is near Les Cayes, where the earthquake struck recently.

Best of all are the Haitian people:

A preschooler in LaBiche waits patiently for school to begin.
A high school soccer game in a rainstorm!  St. Pierre School, Mirebalais.
Easter Eve; no lights except the candles.  St. Andre, Hinche

Do you have a favorite thing about Haiti?  Let’s share the Bon Nouvel sou Ayiti, the Good News about Haiti.  Send your favorite Haiti memory or picture with a little description to: