A message for those in the Haiti Church/School Partnership Program:

I have been notified that the Haiti Partnership account is once again available for our deposits.  You may revert to the original protocols for the transfer of funds by check or wire. 

These protocols are meant to ensure that funds are transferred as expeditiously as possible; to clarify the purpose, source, and recipient of funds being sent; and to streamline the process without adding extra work for diocesan personnel.

Funds in check form payable to “Partnership Program, Episcopal Diocese of Haiti” may be hand-carried to your partner school or priest, or sent to:The Rev. Dr. Kesner Ajax, Cayes  acct. # 2519
c/o Agape Flights
100 Airport Avenue
Venice, Florida 34285

Funds may be wired as follows (note that there will be wire fees deducted by all of the banks through which the funds pass):

1. Name of Beneficiary: 

Partnership Program Episcopal Diocese of Haiti


2. Full Address of Beneficiary:

86 Rue Rigaud, Petion Ville, Port au Prince, Haiti


3. Name of Beneficiary’s Bank:






4. Complete Address of Beneficiary’s Bank:

Sogebank Delmas Aeroport,B.P. 1315 Port au Prince, Haiti

5. Beneficiary’s Account Number:






6. Beneficiary’s Bank  ABA/SWIFT:






7.  Name of Intermediary Bank:




8.  Address of Intermediary Bank:

 100 West 33rd Street, New YorkNY 10001


9.  Intermediary Bank  ABA/SWIFT:


ABA: 026009593








When funds are sent by any method, please observe the following protocols:

The U.S. partner will notify via one e-mail message all involved persons that funds are being sent.  Parties who are to be notified are:

  1. The partner priest
  2. Kerwin Delicat, Haiti Partnership Coordinator perekerwindelicat@gmail.com
  3. If mailing a check, Kesner Ajax, Haiti Partnership Coordinator (retired) kesnerajax@yahoo.com
  4. Serena Beeks, US Partnership Coordinator serenabeeks@cs.com
  5. The Rt. Rev. Todd Ousley, tousley@episcopalchurch.org
  6. Any other interested parties including lay leaders, principals, members of your Haiti committee

Please include the following information:

  1. The amount being sent (include the diocesan 10% in the total)
  2. For what church/school/town/partner priest they are intended (please remember that there are many “St. Pauls” in Haiti!)
  3. The intended purpose of the funds (construction, school lunches, etc.)
  4. Whether the funds are being mailed, hand-carried, or wired (include wire ID # and any other identifying information)

All parties save original e-mail.

When check/wire transfer arrives, whoever handles it uses “reply all” to notify everyone that it has arrived.

When funds are available for partner priest, the diocesan accountant uses “reply all” to notify everyone that the bank has completed the process, and to remind everyone that 10% will be deducted by the diocese to cover banking costs, etc.

When priest receives funds, he/she uses “reply all” to say that the funds are in hand and explain how they will be used for the intended purpose.

If there is an emergency and the priest needs to use the funds for a different purpose at the partner school (example — the roof blows off and a new one must be secured) the priest must write to the donors first explaining the situation and asking to use the funds for a purpose other than the purpose for which they are donated.

In addition, there is bittersweet partnership news, which is that the Rev. Kesner Ajax is retiring as Partnership Coordinator.  I know we are all grateful to him for his long, faithful, and thorough service.  I have remarked many times on the amazing fact that even during these very troubling times in Haiti, through bank closures and wire delays and interruptions in the missionary air service, all partnership wires and checks have gone through thanks to his oversight and care.  I am personally grateful to him for not only for his faithful service to the partnership program but also for his friendship over many years.  We all wish him a peaceful and happy retirement, and hope that our paths cross often.

Stepping into the role as Partnership Coordinator at this time will be the Rev. Kerwin Delicat.  I am happy to say that I have known Pere Delicat for more than twenty years and am very glad that he is taking on these duties.  You might wish to send him a brief e-mail introducing yourself and the members of your committee and letting him know where you are located and which church or school is your partner in Haiti so that he can begin to know the partnerships better.

Pere Ajax has offered to continue to receive checks in Les Cayes for the time being, which is especially important as travel in Port-au-Prince to the missionary air service office there is still very risky.  His offer is very much appreciated.

Thank you all for your extra work in keeping up with the temporary changes in the protocols. We continue to pray for increased stability so the work of the Partnership Program can go forward, strengthening educational opportunities for Haitian children especially in rural areas.