Stations of the Cross Pilgrimage

Join us any time during Lent as we journey through the Stations of the Cross. This rendering of the stations is meant to be a “pilgrimage” travelling through Claremont and Upland. Each station is hosted by a different member congregation.
The experience will be guided by an online phone app available here. The app will guide you through the fourteen stations and will autoplay a brief meditation when you arrive.

The whole experience will feel like a brief pilgrimage, lasting 1-2 hours.
Participants may start, stop, and pause the experience at any time during the Lenten season. They are welcome to go through all the stations at once, or break the stations up over multiple days.

This project is supported by:
Claremont Presbyterian Church –
St. Ambrose Episcopal Church –
Claremont United Church of Christ –
Our Lady of Assumption Catholic Church –
Claremont United Methodist Church –
Claremont School of Theology –
Good Shepherd Lutheran Church –
Granite Creek Community Church –
St. Mark’s Episcopal Parish –
Grace Lutheran Church –

With Engineering Provided by Andrew Kilkenny